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Eco Recycle Shop

Eco Recycle Shop



Zero Waste Bali, Bali’s 1st Bulk Food Store, provides organic and non-organic food products with the addition of eco friendly products that are unpackaged and plastic free. Holding over 400 products and forever expanding on sourcing and producing items and food ingredients to assist others in reducing the amount of waste and plastic they consume. Simply bring your containers and refill what you need. For the newcomer there are glass jars in store and reusable produce bags to help you on your zero waste journey. Zero Waste Bali goal is to guide people to change their lifestyle and practices and make small and simple changes in reducing the waste they produce. Together we can reduce plastic, remove harmful chemicals from our home, and reduce our waste. Our choices can make a big difference to the Earth, Oceans and our future. 

Eco Recycle Shop   Eco Recycle Shop   Eco Recycle Shop